The series of International Conferences UNCONVENTIONAL COMPUTATION AND NATURAL COMPUTATION (UCNC) is genuinely interdisciplinary and it covers theory as well as experiments and applications. It is concerned with various proposals for computation that go beyond the Turing model, human designed computation inspired by nature, and with the computational nature of processes taking place in nature. Typical, but not exclusive, topics are: hypercomputation; chaos and dynamical systems based computing; granular, fuzzy and rough computing; mechanical computing; cellular, evolutionary, molecular, neural, and quantum computing; membrane computing; amorphous computing, swarm intelligence; artificial immune systems; physics of computation; chemical computation; evolving hardware; the computational nature of self-assembly, developmental processes, bacterial communication, and brain processes.


The first edition of UCNC (formerly called Unconventional Models of Computation and Unconventional Computation) was held at CDMTCS, Auckland, New Zealand in 1998, and the conference logo became the logo of its first host.

Subsequent sites of the conference were Brussels, Belgium in 2000, Kobe, Japan in 2002, Seville, Spain in 2005, York, UK, in 2006, Kingston, Canada in 2007, Vienna, Austria, in 2008, Ponta Delgada, Portugal in 2009, Tokyo, Japan in 2010, Turku, Finland, in 2011, Orleans, France in 2012, and Milan, Italy in 2013.

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